Lasting Effects of Lupus

Lasting Effects of LupusA newly published study draws much needed attention to the possible health problems misdiagnosed or ignored cases of lupus can cause. This new revelation uncovered the real level of impact lupus can have on people, and the lasting effects of Lupus on those who are dealing with the condition. The study highlighted how the lack of proper treatment options make it even more difficult for people dealing with this disease to gain relief.

Because the disease mimics signs pointing to other conditions, like fibromyalgia or lyme disease, doctors can easily fail to put the pieces together to properly diagnose a patient. When asked about the rising number of lupus cases and the associated risks that come with the disease, Dr. Stephen Soloway, M.D., spokesman for Arthritis and Rheumatology Associates of South Jersey in Vineland, said in reference to the condition, “[This disease is] a violent, unpredictable animal. We know Lupus occurs when there is B-Cell dysfunction, but we don’t know the cause, and not all patients fit all (symptoms) all the time.”

With varying signs pointing at the disease, doctors still struggle to properly diagnose patients with lupus and other autoimmune diseases, but this new evidence shows the real risks that come with a missed diagnosis and the lasting impact it can have on someone’s health. Taking proper care in maintaining your health, and being aware when drastic and possibly deadly changes occur is key.