Fucoidan Relieves Inflammation Associated with COPD

As the condition becomes more common, people are searching for proven effective strategies for controlling the symptoms caused by COPD. For those that don’t know, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD for short), is a progressive condition that makes it increasingly difficult to breathe. The disease attacks the lungs, causing a loss of elasticity in the air sacks, and destroying the walls between many of them. In addition, the walls between airways become thick and inflamed, and produce an increased amount of mucus.

Patients diagnosed with this condition often experience symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness, and an extremely productive cough. And, to date, treatment options for this condition are severely limited. Existing options include lifetime medications, pulmonary rehabilitation, physical activity training, lifestyle changes, and surgery when necessary. However, a new study shows promise for fucoidan as a natural remedy for COPD.

The Research

A fairly recent study evaluated the effectiveness of Undaria Pinnatifida against the chronic inflammation caused by COPD. Researchers observed the influence of fucoidan against the type 2 T-helper response in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid following an ovalbumin aerosol challenge.

After 10 days of testing, researchers noted that fucoidan from Undaria Pinnatifida was able to suppress the production of Th2 cytokines, and there was no increase in IFN-gamma in the treated mice.

Results showed that fucoidan was successful in relieving pulmonary inflammation caused by COPD in a mice model. This study is a groundbreaking example of how fucoidan relieves inflammation associated with COPD and can work to effectively relieve painful chronic symptoms caused by inflammatory conditions.

From the Experts

“The pulmonary inflammation was relieved by mekabu fucoidan, which also downregulated Th2-dominated responses. These results indicate that mekabu fucoidan modulates Th2 responses and might be useful for treating allergic inflammation.” [1]


Maruyama H, Tamauchi H, Hashimoto M, Nakano T. Suppression of Th2 immune responses by mekabu fucoidan from Undaria pinnatifida sporophylls. Int Arch Allergy Immunol. 2005 Aug;137(4):289-94. Epub 2005 Jun 17.